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We helped many clients throughout the world, here are some testimonials of happy outcomes.

“This was my first reading and wow was blown away. She read my friend as well and she knew details of her life that were undisclosed. I'm not really one to believe in supernatural forces but Sarah does have a gift.”

An V., Washington, DC

"My first session with Sarah and I came away with that "Wow!" factor. Sarah was direct and to the point, and she was "on point" with everything. She knew things that nobody could have known unless they were in my head. Sarah is no nonsense which is what a person who wants a reading should get. If you want "fluff" for the "entertainment value" then look elsewhere. If you want someone to do an honest, in-depth reading, who gets right to the heart of everything and gives you true insight into your universe, then a session with Sarah is an absolute must!"

Alan K., Scotch Plains, NJ

"This woman is the real deal. Without me even saying anything, she could decipher why I had come in, and what the outcome of my relationship would be and exactly the character of the person I had come in about. Its amazing and has made me believe in psychics. I will continue to see her for the near future for more clarity, and recommend anyone else to go as well."

Tamara A., Manhattan, New York, NY

"After having a very rough start to my year, I decided to visit Sarah for some guidance. I decided on the Aura reading which we believed would be most insightful for my situation. The reading was excellent and I left feeling at ease with much more clarity. I have been to two other psychics before but none like Sarah...she is very knowledgable of her field and even offered ways to deal with the issue at hand. Would definitely see her again!"

Emma M., Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NY

"Amazing! Sarah is very talented! She knew so much about what was going on in my life and was so thoughtful / kind / intuitive at approaching each issue with me. She is highly recommended!!"

Stacey M., Jacksonville, FL

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